Teaching the Law
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Mordakhai Joseph and Dale Stogner are pleased to announce the beginning of a taped presentation of Genesis through Deuteronomy entitled, "Teaching The Law". The series will be taped in 45 minute lessons and will feature Mordakhai Joseph teaching the Bible.

By "the Law" we mean to explain what the Law is and why there is a need to study it in a systematic way. For example, it is not possible to understand the New Testament if you do not understand the Old Testament. Many of the controversies surrounding the books of Galatians and Romans, etc. could be avoided if people had the proper background. The New Testament magnifies the Old Testament so the Old Testament needs to be understood.

Further, the Law of God is really expressed throughout the entire Bible and includes God's value system, God's character and personality, how God thinks, etc. The Law of God is not limited to the Ten Commandments and the Old Covenant. That would be a narrow, superficial, and incorrect view. Also, we will attempt to point out the difference and the errors made between legalists trusting in obedience for salvation and those who have a false idea of what grace is to the point where they believe there is no Law today. And, we believe that the Jewish traditions, while perhaps containing some wisdom, are not scripture and scriptural teaching has precedence over any man or group of men's teachings.