Teaching the Law - Mordakhai Joseph
New Testament, Volume 3, Lessons
143 - 214

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What is "the law of God?" Are you confused about the references to the law in the New Testament, especially in the books of Galatians and Romans? What are the differences and errors made by those who either are legalists (trusting that obedience alone will bring salvation) or who state that grace alone (the law of God is meaningless/Christians do not need to obey them) will bring eternal life?

This excellent series started by exploring, in detail, the scriptures from Genesis to Deuteronomy, using verses from the entire Bible to explain the pivotal topics of these books. Now, Mordakhai Joseph explains the law as found in the New Testament.

  • Lesson 143    Jesus' last prayer for himself and his disciples; Jn. 17:1-17
  • Lesson 144    Jesus prayer; His betrayal and arrest; Jn. 17:18-18:11
  • Lesson 145    Jesus and the high/priest; Peter in the high priest's court; The high priest questions Jesus; Peter denies Jesus; Jesus before Pilate; Jn. 18:11-19:1
  • Lesson 146    Jesus sentenced to die; The crucifixion; Jn. 19:1-32
  • Lesson 147    Jesus' side pierced; The burial of Jesus; The resurrection; Jesus to Mary Magdalene and later to his disciples; Jn. 19:32-20:26
  • Lesson 148    Thomas' lack of faith; Jesus appears to seven disciples; A commission to Peter to Ïfeed my sheepÓ; The beloved disciple; Jn. 20:27-21:25
  • Lesson 149    The promise of the holy spirit; The ascension; Judas' successor chosen; Acts 1:1-2:1
  • Lesson 150    The pouring of the holy spirit of on the FIRST PENTECOST; Peter's sermon; Acts 2:1-28
  • Lesson 151    Peter's address at Pentecost; Acts 2:29-45
  • Lesson 152    Life among the believers; A lame man is healed at the temple's gate; Peter's address at Solomon's porch; Acts 2:46-4:1
  • Lesson 153    Peter and John before the council; The believers pray for boldness; Acts 4:1-3
  • Lesson 154    All things in common in the Jerusalem ÏChurch of GodÓ Ananias and Sappihra; Acts 4:32-5:14
  • Lesson 155    The apostles ÏperformÓ many signs and wonders; The apostles are persecuted by the priesthood; Acts: 5:14-40
  • Lesson 156    The apostles are beaten; The appointment of the seven deacons; Acts 5:40- 6:5
  • Lesson 157    The seven deacons; The arrest of Stephen; Stephen's defense; Acts 6:5-7:30
  • Lesson 158    Stephen's defense and stoning; The role of saul; Acts 7:30-81
  • Lesson 159    Saul persecutes the church; Preaching the good news in Samaria; Acts 8:1-26
  • Lesson 160    Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch; The conversion of Saul; Acts 8:26-9:15
  • Lesson 161    The conversion of Saul and his preaching in Damascus; Saul escapes from Damascus, goes to Jerusalem; Aeneas healed; Dorcas resurrected by Peter; Acts 9:15-10:2
  • Lesson 162    Peter and Cornelius; The issue of Ïclean and uncleanÓ food; Acts 10:2-41
  • Lesson 163    The Gentiles receive the holy spirit and speak in tongues; Peter's report to the church at Jerusalem; The church at Antioch; Acts 10:42-11:30
  • Lesson 164    James is killed; Peter in prison; Peter in prison; Peter delivered from prison; The death of Herod; Barnabas and Paul begin their ministry; Acts 12:1-13:6
  • Lesson 165    The apostles preach in Cyprus; Paul and Barnabas at Antioch; Acts 13:6-35
  • Lesson 166    Paul and Barnabas at Antioch, Iconium and Lystra; Where Paul was stoned; Acts 13:36-14:18
  • Lesson 167    Paul is stoned; Return to Antioch; The council at Jerusalem; Acts 19-15:22
  • Lesson 168    Jerusalem's council and ÏissueÓ of circumcision; Paul separates from Barnabas at 2nd Journey; Timothy accompanies Paul; Paul's vision of man from Macedonia; Prayer by the river; Acts 15:22-16:17
  • Lesson 169    Paul and Silas imprisoned at Philippi; Acts 16:17-17:4
  • Lesson 170    Uproar at Thesalonica; The apostles at Beroea; Paul at Athens; Acts 17:4-33
  • Lesson 171    Paul at Corinth; Paul returns to Antioch and begins the third mission; Acts 17:33-18:25
  • Lesson 172    Apolos Preaches at Ephesus; Paul at Ephesus; Acts 18:25-19:23
  • Lesson 173    The riot at Ephesus; Paul's journey to Macedonia and Greece; Paul in Miletus and Troas; Paul's final address in Ephesus; Acts 19:23 - 20:23
  • Lesson 174    Paul's address to the Ephesian Elders; Paul's Journey to Jerusalem; His appearance before James and the Elders; Acts 20:23-21:27
  • Lesson 175    Paul arrested at the temple and defends himself; He tells of his conversion and calling of the gentiles; Acts 21:27-22:21
  • Lesson 176    Paul in custody of the chief captain; His appearance before the city council; The plot against his life and appearance before the governor Felix; Acts 22:21-24:3
  • Lesson 177    Paul's defense before Felix the governor; Acts 24:3-24
  • Lesson 178    Paul's defense before the outgoing governor Felix and the new Governor Festus; His appeal to Cesar; Acts 24:23
  • Lesson 179    Paul appears before King Agrippa; Paul recounts the story of his conversion; He witnesses to both Jew and Gentile; Acts: 25:24-26:28
  • Lesson 180    Paul's witness before Agrippa; Sailing to Rome; The storm and shipwreck; Landing and stay at Malta; Acts 26:28-28:6
  • Lesson 181    Paul in Malta; Paul in Rome addressing the Jewish leadership; Teaching Jew and Gentile of the kingdom of God; Acts 28:6-31
  • Lesson 182    Paul salutes the saints in rome; Expressing desire to visit and establish the ÏchurchÓ in Rome; Paul speaks of the guilt of mankind; Rom. 1:1-26
  • Lesson 183    The guilt of mankind vs. the righteous judgment of God; Rom. 1:26-2:7
  • Lesson 184    The righteous judgment of God; The Jews and the law; Rom. 2:7-27
  • Lesson 185    The Jews and the law; The lack of Righteousness in man; Rom. 2:27-3:22
  • Lesson 186    The righteousness through faith; The example of Adam; Rom 3:22-4:19
  • Lesson 187    The promise realized through faith; Results of Justification; Adam and Christ; Dead to sin-alive to Christ; Rom. 4:19-6:7
  • Lesson 188    Dead to sin and alive to Christ; Servants of righteousness; An analogy from the law of marriage; Battle against sin; Rom 6:7-7:19
  • Lesson 189    The problem and nature of sin in us; Eternal life in the spirit; Rom. 7:19-8:3
  • Lesson 190    Life in the spirit realm; Rom 8:3-17
  • Lesson 191    The ultimate destiny of man; With God's help man is more than conqueror of his nature; Rom 8:18-39
  • Lesson 192    The eternal election of Israel: Rom. 9:1-31
  • Lesson 193    The eternal election of Israel; Rom. 9:32-10:9
  • Lesson 194    The election of Israel; The remnant and called out of Israel; The ultimate restoration of Israel; Rom 10:9-11:21
  • Lesson 195    The remnant and restoration of Israel; Exhortation to life within the law of God and Christ; Romans 11:21-12:15
  • Lesson 196    Life within the law and doctrine of God and Christ; Romans 12:15-13:3
  • Lesson 197    Life within the law of God and Christ; Romans 13:3-13
  • Lesson 198    How to deal with those weak in the faith; Romans 13:13-14:20
  • Lesson 199    The strong should bear the weak; The tidings to the nations; Romans 14:20-15:9
  • Lesson 200    Paul plans to visit Rome; Greetings to the elders and church members of Rome; Romans 15:20-16:27 Saluting the Galatians; Galatians 1-6
  • Lesson 201    The introduction of a false ÏgospelÓ into the church; Galatians 1:7-2:13
  • Lesson 202    Paul rebukes Peter at Antioch; The spirit received through faith; Galatians 2:13-3:10
  • Lesson 203    God's covenant with Abraham; The purpose of the law; Galatians 3:10-4:7
  • Lesson 204    Warning against a return to bondage; The allegory of Hagar and Sarah; Galatians 4:7-5:3
  • Lesson 205    Standing fast in our liberty in the law; Fruits of the flesh; Galatians 5:3-21
  • Lesson 206    Fruits of the spirit; Glorifying in the cross; Galatians 5:22-6:18
  • Lesson 207    Spiritual blessings in Christ; Prayer for knowledge and understanding; Saving by grace; Eph. 1:1-2:9
  • Lesson 208    One new man in Christ; Paul's ministry to the Gentiles; Eph. 2:10-3:5
  • Lesson 209    Paul's ministry to the Gentiles; Love that surpasses knowledge; Unity of the spirit; Eph. 3:6-4:10
  • Lesson 210    Unity of the spirit and new life in Christ; Eph. 4:10-27
  • Lesson 211    The new life in christ; Walking as children of light; Eph. 4:27-5:8
  • Lesson 212    Children of light; In subjection to one another; Eph. 5:9-30
  • Lesson 213    Mutual subjection to all; The whole armor of God; Eph5:31-6:16
  • Lesson 214    The armor of God; Final greetings; Eph. 6:17-24; Paul's prayer for the Philippians; Paul's life in Christ; Philip 1:1-2:1

Old Testament - Vol 1, Lessons 1 - 220 | Vol 2, Lessons 221 - 434
New Testament - Vol 1, Lessons 1 - 71 | Vol 2, Lessons 72 - 142 | Vol 3, Lessons 143 - 214 | Vol 4, Lessons 215 - 287

The Divine Service | Heaven and Hell | The Nature of God | file & player information
RealAudio Edition

Teaching the Law - Mordakhai Joseph
New Testament, Volume 3, Lessons 143 - 214

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