Teaching the Law - Mordakhai Joseph
New Testament, Volume 2, Lessons 72 - 142

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What is "the law of God?" Are you confused about the references to the law in the New Testament, especially in the books of Galatians and Romans? What are the differences and errors made by those who either are legalists (trusting that obedience alone will bring salvation) or who state that grace alone (the law of God is meaningless/Christians do not need to obey them) will bring eternal life?

This excellent series started by exploring, in detail, the scriptures from Genesis to Deuteronomy, using verses from the entire Bible to explain the pivotal topics of these books. Now, Mordakhai Joseph explains the law as found in the New Testament.

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  • Lesson 72   The leaven of the Pharisees and Herod; a blind man healed; Peter's confession; Jesus foretells his death; the transfiguration; the boy with unclean spirit: Mark 8:17-38, 9:1-21
  • Lesson 73   A demon possessed boy cured; Jesus foretells his death; issue of who is the greatest; Ōoutside” preachers accepted; various temptations of sin: Mk. 9:2-50, 10:1-2
  • Lesson 74   Jesus' teaching on divorce; blessing and children; the rich young ruler; Jesus foretelling his death; the request of John and James: Mk. 10:2-40
  • Lesson 75   John and James desire for ŌTop Jobs”; the blind receives sight; Jesus enters into Jerusalem; the fig tree cursed; the temple cleansed; Jesus authority questioned; parable of the wicked husbandmen; Mk 10:40-52, 11:1-12:3
  • Lesson 76   The parable of the wicked husbandmen; tax issues; resurrection issue; the great commandment; who is David's son; Mk. 12:3-37
  • Lesson 77   The widow's offering; denouncing hypocrisy in religion; the destruction of the temple and signs of the end; the coming of the son of man; the plot against Jesus; Jesus anointed for his burial; Mk 12:37-44, 13:1-14:11
  • Lesson 78   Jesus eats the last supper with his disciples; Peter's denial foretold; Jesus prays at Gethsemane; the betrayal and arrest of Jesus; Mk. 14:12-42
  • Lesson 79   Jesus before the council; Peter denies Jesus; Jesus before Pilate; Jesus is sentenced to death; Mk 14:43-72, 15:1-20
  • Lesson 80   The crucifixion; the burial of Jesus; the resurrection; Jesus appears to his followers; the commission to the disciples and ascension; Mk.15:21-47, 16:1-20, Luke 1:1-16; The birth of John the Baptist foretold.
  • Lesson 81   Announcing the birth of John and Jesus by Gabriel; Mary visits Elizabeth and their praise of God; the birth and naming of John; Zechariah's prophesy; Luke 1:1-75
  • Lesson 82   Zechariah's prophesy; the Birth of Jesus; the shepherds and the angels; the presentation of Jesus in the temple: Lk 1:76-79, 2:1-41
  • Lesson 83   The boy Jesus in the temple; the preaching of John the Baptist; Lk 2:42-52, 3:1-14
  • Lesson 84   Preaching of John; the genealogy of Christ; the temptation of Jesus and the beginning of ministry; Lk 3:15 “ 4:16
  • Lesson 85   Jesus rejected at Nazareth; several healings of casting out of demons; the great catch of fish; cleansing the leper; Lk 4:16 “5:21
  • Lesson 86   Healing the palsied man; the call of Levi and question about fasting; plucking grain on the Sabbath; healings and choosing the twelve; sermon on the mount; Lk 5:22- 6:35
  • Lesson 87   On judging; knowing by the fruit; building on the rock; healing the centurion's servant; the messengers from John the Baptist; Lk 6:36-7:39
  • Lesson 88   Jesus at the home of Simon the Pharisee; the women who accompany Jesus; the parable of the sewer; Jesus' mother and brothers; calming the storm; the Gadarene demonical healed; Lk 7:40-8:39
  • Lesson 89   Jairus' daughter raised; healing by touching Jesus's garment; the mission of the 12; John's death; feeding 5000; Jesus' death foretold; transfiguration; healings; Lk 8:39-9:48
  • Lesson 90   Who is the greatest?; Jesus rebukes John and James; following Christ; mission of the 70; unrepentant cities; the good Samaritan; Lk. 9:48 “ 10:37
  • Lesson 91   Martha and Mary; Jesus teaches disciples to pray; a divided house cannot stand; Lk. 10:37-11:26
  • Lesson 92   Jesus is blessed; a sign sought from Jesus; the light of the body; Jesus denounces the lawyers of the law; Lk 11:27-50
  • Lesson 93   Warning against hypocrisy; fear; confessing Christ; parable of the rich fool; care and anxiety vs. treasures in heaven; Lk 11:50 “ 12:32
  • Lesson 94   Riches in heaven; the watchful and unfaithful servants; Jesus as the cause of division; discerning times; repent or perish; Lk 12:33-13:6
  • Lesson 95   The barren fig tree; a crippled woman healed; parables of mustard seed; parable of leaven; the narrow gate; Jesus laments over Jerusalem; healing the man with dropsy; Lk 13:6-14:10
  • Lesson 96   A lesson to guests and hosts; parable of the great supper; the cost of discipleship; the lost sheep; the lost cow and lost son; Lk 14:11-15:19
  • Lesson 97   Parable of the lost son; the parable of the dishonest steward; the law and the kingdom of God; Lk 15:19-16:23
  • Lesson 98   The rich man and Lazarus; causing sin; faith and duty; healing the ten lepers; Lk 16:23-17:20
  • Lesson 99   The coming of the kingdom; the parable of the widow and the unjust judge; the parable of the Pharisee and publican; Lk 17:20-18:15
  • Lesson 100    Blessing of children; the rich young ruler; Jesus foretelling his death a third time; healing the blind beggar; Jesus and Zaccheus; Lk. 18:15-19:9
  • Lesson 101   The parable of the ten virgins; the triumphal entry into Jerusalem; Jesus cleansing the temple; Jesus' authority questioned; Lk 19:9-20:10
  • Lesson 102   The parable of the wicked husbandmen; tax to Cesar; questions about the resurrection and son of David; the widow's offering; Lk 20:10-21:7
  • Lesson 103   Destruction of the temple and sings of the times; the coming of the son of man; Lk. 21:8-38
  • Lesson 104   The plot against Jesus; the last supper; the dispute about greatness; Peter's denial foretold; Lk 21:38-22:37
  • Lesson 105   Jesus prays in the garden; Jesus' betrayal and arrest; Peter denies Jesus; the mocking and beating of Jesus; before the council and his appearance before Pilate and Herod; Lk 22:38-23:14
  • Lesson 106   Jesus sentenced to die; on the road to crucifixion; Lk 23:14-43
  • Lesson 107   Supernatural signs at the death of Christ; the Ōdarkness” sets in as the ŌLight” is extinguished; Lk 23:43-45; Talmudic teachings about the torah
  • Lesson 108   The end result and nature of the darkness befalling God's people; quotes from the Talmud; Lk 23-43-45
  • Lesson 109   The death and burial of Jesus; the link between the ŌDay of preparation” and Pentecost; Lk 23:46-54
  • Lesson 110   ŌDay of preparation” and the first Passover in the land; burial and timing of resurrection; Lk 23:54-24:2
  • Lesson 111   The resurrection; Jesus encounter with the two disciples on the way to Emmaus; Lk 24:2-30
  • Lesson 112   On the way to Emmaus; Jesus appears to his disciples; the ascension of Jesus; Lk 24:30-53; the word made flesh; Jn 1:1-8
  • Lesson 113   The word made flesh; the testimony of John the Baptist; introducing the Lamb of God; Jn. 1:8-33
  • Lesson 114   The first disciples; the call of Philip and Nathanael; the wedding at Cana; the cleansing of the Temple; Jn. 1:33-2:25
  • Lesson 115   Jesus and Nicodemus: Jn. 3:1-13; why was Jesus crucified on a cross-Part A Jn. 3:14-15, Gen. 3:1
  • Lesson 116   Why the cross- Part B; Gen. 3:1-5; the nature of man-Ps. 58; the ŌSerpent” “Job 40-41, Isa. 27:1-2, fish versus a serpent
  • Lesson 117   Why the Cross? Part C; false apostles- 2 Cor. 2:13-15; the ŌDragon” of Rev. 12, 20, Ex. 4:3; fiery serpents “ Num. 21:5-9
  • Lesson 118   Why the Cross? Part D; the brass serpent, 2 Kings 18:4; the Cross in Psalms 22 and Isa. 52
  • Lesson 119   The Cross- Part E; Isa. 53 “ the responsibility of God, Christ, and Man in the cross
  • Lesson 120   The love of God toward humanity; Jesus increases; John decreases; testimony from heaven; the Samaritan woman by the well; Jn. 3:16-4:4
  • Lesson 121   Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well; a case for true and false church; Jn. 4:4-36
  • Lesson 122   Jesus heals the noble man's son; the healing at the pool; Jn. 4:37-5:22
  • Lesson 123   The authority of the son; witnesses of Jesus' divinity; Jn. 5:22-44
  • Lesson 124   Feeding of the 5,000; Jesus walks on sea; seeking Jesus; the bread of life; Jn. 5:44-6:44
  • Lesson 125    Jesus is the Ōbread” of life Torah; The words of eternal life; The lack of faith in Jesus' family: Jn. 6:44-7:4
  • Lesson 126   Lack of faith in Jesus' family; Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles; The question about Jesus identity; JN 7: 4-31
  • Lesson 127    Officers are sent to arrest Jesus; Rivers of living waters; Division concerning Christ; Jn 7:31-44
  • Lesson 128    Unbelief in men of authority; A woman caught in adultery; Jesus is the light of the world; Jn 7:44-8:24
  • Lesson 129    No one can follow Christ into heaven; The truth shall make you free; The devil's nature in man; Jn. 8:24-42
  • Lesson 130    The devil's nature in man; Christ before Abraham; Healing the blind from birth; The pharisees question the healing; Jn 8:42-9:30
  • Lesson 131    Spiritual blindness; Parable of the sheepfold; Jesus the good shepherd; Jn. 9:30-10:10
  • Lesson 132    Jesus the good shepherd; Jesus rejected by the Jews; JN 10:10-30
  • Lesson 133    Jesus rejected by the Jews; The death of Lazarus; Jn. 10:30-11:14
  • Lesson 134    The resurrection of Lazarus; Jesus' emotional side; Revival of Lazarus; Jn. 11:14-41
  • Lesson 135    Lazarus brought to life; The plot against Jesus; Jesus anointed at Bethany and plot against Lazarus; Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem; Jn. 11:41-12:16
  • Lesson 136    Some Greeks seek Jesus; The son of man must be lifted up; Jn. 12:16-33
  • Lesson 137    The unbelief of the Jews; The judgment of Jesus' word; The disciples' feet washed by Jesus; Jn. 13:33-13:7
  • Lesson 138    Jesus washes the disciples' feet; Jesus foretells his betrayal; The new commandment; Jn.13:7-34
  • Lesson 139    Peter's denial foretold; Jesus the way to the father; Jn. 13:14-14:15
  • Lesson 140    The promise of the holy spirit; Jesus is the true vine; JN 14:16 - 15:4
  • Lesson 141    Jesus is the true vine; His teachings are those of the father; JN. 15:4-16:2
  • Lesson 142    The work of the holy spirit; Sorrow to turn into Joy.

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New Testament - Vol 1, Lessons 1 - 71 | Vol 2, Lessons 72 - 142 | Vol 3, Lessons 143 - 214 | Vol 4, Lessons 215 - 287
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MP3 Edition

Teaching the Law - Mordakhai Joseph
New Testament, Volume 2, Lessons 72 - 142

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